What is Invisalign Treatment?

What is Invisalign Treatment?

1- What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic treatment that corrects teeth alignment without using metal braces. It is a wire-free orthodontic treatment method applied to improve the alignment of teeth using custom-made transparent aligners. The absence of metal wire usage in the process is the primary reason for the popularity of this treatment. It is a personalized treatment method carried out by expert dentists.


2- What are the Features of Invisalign Treatment?

- Does not affect daily life; a treatment for misaligned teeth without using braces.

- Transparent aligners make them almost invisible in the mouth.

- Aligners can be removed while eating or drinking.

- You can remove the aligners for special occasions or events for a few hours.

- Invisalign treatment is suitable for both adolescents and adults.

- No metal, brackets, or wires are used.


3- Before Starting Treatment, It's Now Possible to See How Your Teeth Will Look at the End of Treatment!

In Invisalign treatment, first, three-dimensional scans of your mouth are taken using digital intraoral scanners called iTero. Then, using a program called "ClinCheck," the treatment outcome is achieved, and an animation showing how the patient's teeth will look at the end of the treatment is created. After showing the treatment result to the patient and obtaining approval from the orthodontist, transparent aligners are custom-made for the patient. Achieving treatment results with Invisalign clear aligners is possible, whereas showing the treatment outcome to the patient in advance is not possible with traditional metal braces.


4- How Do Teeth Move Without Braces?

Invisalign aligners are produced in series according to the desired movement of the teeth. Each aligner creates a movement of 0.05 mm. The aligners are worn for 15 days, and then the next aligner in the series is used.


5- How Are Transparent Aligners Produced Based on Tooth Movement?

Your orthodontist takes measurements from inside your mouth. These measurements are transferred to a computer using a three-dimensional scanning method called CAD-CAM. The teeth, transferred to the virtual environment, are moved using computer simulation. Transparent aligners are produced for each movement of 0.05 mm.


6- How Long Should Aligners Be Worn During the Day?

In Invisalign treatment, aligners should be worn for an average of 20-22 hours per day. They should only be removed while eating. For special occasions and events, they should only be removed during the event, and frequent removal is not recommended. You can consume normal temperature or cool beverages while wearing aligners, but it's recommended to remove them while drinking hot beverages like tea, as Invisalign aligners can deform in heat. Regular use of aligners is crucial for the treatment outcome in Invisalign treatment.


7- How Often Are Check-ups Done During Invisalign Treatment?

Check-ups are scheduled monthly. At each visit, the patient is provided with two new sets of aligners. Aligners are changed every 15 days. For example, if 20 aligners are produced for the treatment, the treatment will last for 10 months.

If transportation for treatment is provided from a different country or city, a separate plan can be arranged between the patient and the doctor.


8- How Is the Maintenance of Invisalign Aligners Done?

You can clean your Invisalign aligners with a toothbrush under lukewarm water every morning and evening. Additionally, you can use denture cleaning tablets for the maintenance of your aligners.


9- Does Invisalign Treatment Affect Speech?

There is no significant impact on speech after a 1-2 day adaptation period. If you need to speak for an extended period, you can remove the Invisalign aligners for 1-2 hours.


10- Does Smoking Stain the Transparent Aligners?

If you smoke heavily, your aligners may become discolored compared to a non-smoker over time. However, since you will change your Invisalign aligners every 15 days, this discoloration will not be excessive.


11- What Other Beverages or Foods Can Stain Invisalign Aligners?

Curry sauce, mustard, red wine, cherry juice, tobacco products, coffee, and tea consumption can stain your Invisalign aligners.



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