Airflow Dental Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Airflow Dental Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Airflow Dental Cleaning: What You Need to Know


What is Airflow Dental Cleaning?

Airflow dental cleaning is a primary method we recommend to our patients for removing stubborn stains, plaque, and bacterial buildup from the surface of teeth. In this procedure, a high-pressure mixture of air, water, and abrasive powder is used. The abrasive powder used in this treatment consists of fine sodium bicarbonate particles. By combining these particles with water and air in the correct proportions, we effectively address our patients' main complaints, such as removing discoloration from tea, coffee, and smoking.


The application of the Airflow device under high pressure cleans teeth faster, more efficiently, and more effectively compared to the traditional polishing process used in dental tartar cleaning.


What is the Purpose of Using Airflow?

The goal of using Airflow is to remove bacterial plaque, discolorations, and stains that cannot be reached by normal tooth cleaning methods, both on the tooth surface and below the gum line. It's a successful treatment method we apply to address common complaints from our patients, such as discoloration caused by tea, coffee, and smoking. Additionally, analyzing feedback from our patients after the procedure, we have observed an extension in the interval for the formation of these discolorations. Therefore, for patients seeking dental tartar cleaning, we recommend the Airflow procedure.


How is the Airflow Procedure Performed?

Before starting the Airflow procedure, if there are existing dental tartars, we remove them with the help of an ultrasonic cleaner. If needed, we apply colored dye to make the plaque layer visible on the teeth before treatment. This dye helps us clearly identify the areas to be cleaned. Then, we use the Airflow device to thoroughly clean our patients' teeth, removing bacteria and plaques.


Does Airflow Dental Cleaning Harm Teeth?

One common concern among our patients regarding Airflow dental cleaning is whether the procedure damages tooth enamel. When performed by an experienced dentist, Airflow dental cleaning has been proven to be a safe cleaning method for tooth enamel. The fine powder used in the Airflow device is specially designed for modern dental practices, effectively removing stains and deposits without causing damage during the cleaning process. Additionally, performing the procedure at controlled pressure, from the correct distance, and with precision eliminates any potential risks to your teeth. Therefore, maintaining the personalized cleaning routine we determine for you at our clinic is crucial.


What Are the Advantages of Getting Airflow Cleaning?

- Highly effective for use in veneers

- Provides excellent cleaning for patients with dental braces

- Does not generate heat that could harm teeth

- Does not damage tooth enamel

- Reaches areas where traditional polishing may not be possible


The most successful application areas for Airflow treatment include:

- Stains from nicotine and smoking

- Discoloration from tea, coffee, and red wine

- Stains caused by iron supplements


In summary, Airflow dental cleaning offers numerous advantages and is a safe and effective method for removing stains and plaque from teeth.



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